Mandarin Slang Guide

Mandarin Slang Guide



If you're learning Chinese or living in a Chinese environment and need some help with the textbook-agnostic parlance that native speakers use in their day-to-day, fear not! Every week we'll hear stories, perspectives, and common slang from fascinating guest experts in various fields. 

Best of all, MSG is easy to follow and useful for beginners and experts alike! So hit "subscribe" and get ready to see behind the curtain of everyday Chinese slang.

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Keep it slangin', friends!

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    好玩儿也好听 很有趣

  • Frederick318

    Super good!

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    love it so far!!! really interesting! thank you for your hard work!

  • Janet_Qu

    MSG is a show not only for Chinese learners of different levels but for those who want to practice English listening as well. 👍👍👍 I ALWAYS enjoy the conversations between the host and the guests. 😊 They talk in such a casual way that it makes you feel like you've known them for a long time! ❤❤❤

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  • 赤道雨雨霖铃

    hi i am Cheryl, local chinese. i am inspired by your podcasts, especially this one, can not believe there are some slangs even i never heard of.thans for you efforts and devotion in presenting so many fasinating podcasts.