MSG034: Hottest Words of the Year of the Rat (Part 2: Yang Yi)

MSG034: Hottest Words of the Year of the Rat (Part 2: Yang Yi)


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1. 时间管理大师 (shíjiān guǎnlǐ dàshī)

Literally a “Time management master,” it’s a cheater who has to balance their time between multiple girl/boyfriends.


2. 海王 (hǎi wáng)

Literally “Sea King” or Aquaman, it’s a player - someone who is at all the parties and whose response to “There are lots of fish in the sea” is “I’ll take them all, thanks!”


3. 工具人 (gōngjù rén)

Literally “tool person,” it’s a person who is being used by their job or by someone else in their life. They’ve been reduced to a tool!


4. 后浪 (hòu làng)

The “next wave,” it refers to the young generation that is coming after old people like me in the 前浪。




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