MSG030: Video Game Chinese (Johnny Liu)

MSG030: Video Game Chinese (Johnny Liu)



Hey! Go learn from Johnny’s tweets and streams! Find him on Twitter or Twitch as orangepeelpanda.



1. 坑 (kēng)

Literally a hole, pit, or trap. Used as an adjective for something that’s gonna cost you, whether it’s an overpriced item or a猪一样的队友



2. 猪一样的队友 (zhū yīyàng de duìyǒu)

“Pig-like teammate(s),” people who are as useless as a pig. Often paired with the phrase神一样的对手,shén yīyàng de duìshǒu, ”godlike opponents.” So神一样的对手,猪一样的队友is a pretty bad situation to be in!



3. 满血复活 (mǎn xiě fùhuó)

“Full-blood resurrection.” To be brought back to life with full HP, either in a game or after a very relaxing weekend.



4. 秒 (miǎo)

Literally “a second,” it can also be a verb meaning “to kill someone in one second,” or instakill. If something sells out the second it hits the shelves, that’s also秒。



5. 肉盾or坦克 (ròu dùn OR tǎnkè)

“Meat shield” or “tank”, this is the... tank of the party.



6. 法师 (fǎ shī)

Magician, or magic master. The caster of the party. Not to be confused with法官,judge.



7. 刺客 (cì kè)

Assassin. Not even slang, it’s just a word for assassin. Not to be confused with政客,politician.




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