MSG035: Chinese Sports Slang (Hunter Shi)

MSG035: Chinese Sports Slang (Hunter Shi)


1. 好球 (hǎo qiú)

“Good ball!” as in “Good shot! Nice shot!”

If someone goes in to score alone, that’s a单刀球,dāndāo qiú,“lone sword ball”

2. 三不沾 (sān bù zhān)

“Three No-Touches”, an airball (it missed the backboard, the rim, AND the net)

3. 盖帽 (gài mào)

A hat; or, a law enforcement officer; or, a blocked shot. Wanna say “nice block?” 好帽!

4. 打得像蔡徐坤 (dǎ dé xiàng càixúkūn)

“You play like Cai Xukun,” an insult. Poor Mr. Cai made a music video wherein he displayed some... questionable b-ball skills, and was ridiculed

The funny Taiwanese commentator who made up a lot of the colorful sports terms in Mandarin: 傅达仁,fù dá rén

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