MSG028: Mandarin Problems YOU Might Have (Emily Wang)

MSG028: Mandarin Problems YOU Might Have (Emily Wang)



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Beginner problem: Using “textbook” expressions like:


1.你好吗!(Can replace with你怎么样?最近忙吗?)


2.再见(Can replace with明天见、回见、or走了!)


3.请(Can replace with麻烦)



Intermediate problem: Sounding childish


1. Can replace overused words like真的with实在、确实


2. Use more complex sentence structures like开始的时候,然后,最后or虽然,但是



Expert problem: Using high-level phrases imprecisely


1.胡说八道(húshuō bādào), spouting nonsense


2.不明觉厉(bùmíng jué lì), to assume something is amazing because it’s hard to understand


3.斜杠青年(xiégāng qīngnián), a “/ youth”, or youngster with too many hobbies or careers, ie “musician/writer/translator/pastry chef”





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