MSG031: Beyond 谢谢 - Better Ways to Say Thanks (Katt Shi)

MSG031: Beyond 谢谢 - Better Ways to Say Thanks (Katt Shi)



1.  谢谢、谢你啦(xiè le, xiè nǐ la)

More casual than謝謝


2.多谢(duō xiè)

Roughly as casual as谢谢; neutral


3. 辛苦了 (xīn kǔ le)

Literally, “trouble”, “hardship”, “laborious.” Used in this way as a work-oriented way to thank someone for their contributions.


4. 多费心了 (duō fèi xīn le)

Used as preemptive gratitude for something that someone WILL do for you.


5. 你人真好 (nǐ rén zhēn hǎo)

“You’re so nice/kind!” Used to thank a relative stranger for something they’ve done.


6. 你太善良了 (nǐ tài shàn liáng le)

“You’re so kind / warm-hearted!” Used to thank a relative stranger for a particularly kind act.




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  • 报任安书

    The proficiency of your manderin speaking by you can help me understand the dialogue better so that the lecture provides more colorful content which is the perfect combination of Western and Eastern culture.
    2020-12-25 16:29