[EXPLICIT] MSG032: Chinese Internet Comebacks (Diaodiao)

[EXPLICIT] MSG032: Chinese Internet Comebacks (Diaodiao)



1. 脑子不用,可以捐给有需要的人 (Nǎozi bùyòng, kěyǐ juān gěi yǒu xūyào de rén)

“If you’re not using your brain, you can donate it to someone in need!”


2.傻B他妈给傻B开门,真是傻B到家了 (shǎbī tā mā gěi shǎbī kāimén, zhēnshi shǎbī dàojiāle)

“The dipsh*t’s mom opens the door for the dipsh*t, because the dipsh*t’s all the way home.”

Saying something is “X到家了” literally means “X arrived at home,” but slang-ly it means “EXTREMELY X.” So you can substitute the “傻B” in this sentence for anything else, and the result is a profane way to say “EXTREMELY X.”


3. 哪个部门批准你装这么大的一个逼 (nǎge bùmén pīzhǔn nǐ zhuāng zhème dà de yīgè bī)

“Which department approved for you to be THIS full of yourself?”


4. 黑得漂亮 (hēi de piàoliang)

“Sick burn!”

Where黑means to insult or slander someone... so you’re saying “Beautifully insulted!”




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