Power of Persistence 常性之力量

Power of Persistence 常性之力量





Hello! Good evening!晚上好!I’m so happy to see you. I’m树华, and it’s almost time to say good night.



But first, let’s have a chat.



Anna Zuo, in our WeChat group, asked me about the power of persistence,常性之力量。

Anna Zuo,我们微信群里的朋友,问了我关于常性之力量的问题。


I think persistence is one of the post powerful things in the world. Actually, it’s one of the most powerful things in the universe! I mean, think about it: with persistence, a small plant can grow into a huge tree. With persistence, a river can change the shape of the Earth!



But the funny thing is: persistence is not very interesting. It’s not very fun or surprising. When people ask me how I learned Chinese they expect some wonderful trick or surprising new idea, but the real answer is kind of boring: it’s just persistence! I just learned a little bit every day, and after a long time, I could communicate. Bit by bit, piece by piece, word by word, day by day.



You know, sometimes, I think we worry about speed too much. We want to do everything quickly. We want to finish everything right now. We feel like if we can’t do amazing things right now, then we’re not good enough. We get excited when someone promises to teach us something very quickly. But remember: amazing things take time. A little bit of effort over a long time can make amazing things happen, and that’s the power of persistence.



What about you? What do you think about persistence? I want to know, but now it’s time to say goodnight. So, goodnight!



  • 晴心蕙梓

    It’s an amazing thing to see you can share good night English for us.what you talked about persistence impressed me a lot .The power of persistence is that a little bit of effort over a long time can make amazing things happen.

    来自美国的周树华 回复 @晴心蕙梓: It's really true! Learning music is the same. People feel like it's "hard" because they can't do it on the first try. But it's not "hard," it just takes persistence and time!

  • 听友197371867

    Yes. I agree that persistence is pretty significant. In career, you could also notice that those who are finally successful are the ones who can persist in their goal as always. The entrepreneurs also need such kind of good quality.

  • 洋洋_kF6

    I think persisrence makes our world better for we can see the process and that makes us wise. And I think if we really love something, then persistence is not difficult.

  • Annazuo

    Josh, Thank you so much for answering my question. I definitely agree with your opinion. “Persistence is one of the most powerful things in the world and universe. Amazing things take time. ”There is a Chinese saying 有志者事竟成,that's really true.

    来自美国的周树华 回复 @Annazuo: Thanks for sharing that phrase! I'll remember it!

  • 老姜_cj


    来自美国的周树华 回复 @老姜_cj: 果然我真的跟不上你的学问!哈哈哈

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  • 瑞ick


  • 带劲儿不多见

    Hello, friends. Long time. No. See how are you doing?

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