Courage and Fear 勇气与恐惧

Courage and Fear 勇气与恐惧





Hello! Good evening!晚上好!I’m so happy to see you. I’m树华, and it’s almost time to say good night.



But first, let’s have a chat.



洋洋, on Ximalaya, asked me:“What do you think of courage? How can we overcome hesitation?”



Actually, I’m not sure I know what courage is. In the movies, the hero is usually someone with a lot of courage who can fight and sacrifice. Those heroes never seem afraid of anything - their courage is like a superpower that makes them strong and fast and unafraid.



But I don’t think that kind of courage is realistic. Everyone is afraid sometimes. Does that mean that most people don’t have any courage?



I don’t think so. I think courage isn’t the opposite of fear. I think courage is the ability to do something even when you’re afraid. It’s understanding that fear is not as important as it feels. Right? Fear can feel so important, but really it isn’t. It’s just another feeling.



So courage is like zooming out and seeing that your fear is just one part of you. Then you can look at all the other parts of you - your love, your hope, your hard work - and make a choice about what to do.

所以勇气就是一种“缩小”功能,一种让你看清楚“害怕”才是你的一小部分的能力。大图缩小了以后,你就可以看到你的另一些方面, 你的爱、你的希望、你的努力,然后再为未来做选择。


And that’s not easy, but talking to a friend or even a therapist might help. Anything that helps you understand your fear and move forward anyway is courage.



What about you? What do you think about courage? I want to know, but now it’s time to say goodnight. So, goodnight!



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    来自美国的周树华 回复 @听友213944649: Thanks!

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    来自美国的周树华 回复 @日出有盼日落有念: I'm glad you like it!

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    I like it!Thanks,Goodnight.

  • 洋洋_kF6

    So much I have been relieved after listening. Thanks shuhua, and you let me know that both fear and courage are just two parts of myself. And I know if fearful, that's just because fear gets the upper hand of courage.

  • Annazuo

    Go where you want to go, dream what you want to dream, be what you want to be. Because you only have one life and one chance. To do all the things you want to do. Maybe this is courage.