Feeling Too Tired? 感觉实在太累了吗?

Feeling Too Tired? 感觉实在太累了吗?






Hello! Good evening!晚上好!I’m so happy to see you. I’m树华, and it’s almost time to say good night.



But first, let’s have a chat.



Mooi22, on Ximalaya, asked me:“When you’re really tired, and you don’t want to study or work, what should you do?” 



Hmm. I’ve felt that way before. I want to share some different things you can try, but remember: everyone is different, so listen to your heart and do what works for you.



Sometimes, you can just think about the reason why you’re studying or working. What do you want from your life? Maybe just reminding yourself of your reasons can help you find the energy to carry on.



But sometimes your body or mind is just too tired to feel good. In that case, it’s OK to take a rest. Giving yourself the time you need to be healthy is always the right choice.



However, sometimes we need more than rest. Sometimes our life itself is just too unhealthy. In that case, you might decide to make a change in your life. Find out what is hurting you, and find a way to do something else instead.



And, of course, always feel free to ask for help. Maybe your friends or family can help you, or maybe a doctor or therapist can help you. After all, asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Asking for help means you’re brave enough to take care of the one and only you.



How about you? What would you do in this situation? I want to know, but now it’s time to say goodnight. So, goodnight!



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    Annazuo 回复 @老姜_cj: 树华老师是在用一颗纯净无私的心在做节目,所以才令人感动啊!

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    By the way, I want to ask shuhua- how to be a brave person ? and what do you think of courage ? how to overcome hesitation ?I have so many questions.

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    I would listen to this show! or just find another way to learn or work. I think human is really tired of repetition. So changing is important!

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    For me, I think sometimes I am really stressful and tired. But the best option for me is to find a quiet place to think...Life is hard, everyone may face the same or even worse situation. We need to encourage ourselves that everything will get better and better. Please don't give up easily.