Ch01-03 洗臉

Ch01-03 洗臉

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  • Fenwaye

    Get up to wash your face. Wash your face and brush your teeth. Wash your neck, too Who wants to wash up first. want mom to help you Can you help me,mom? If I do it by myself, I will get my clothes wet. I don't want to clean my face. I'll wash myself after i eat. Are you done? I'm working mummy.

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    get a clean towel,.Mum, there is no towel. Mom, can you get me a towel? You l*ok pretty after cleaning. Watch out your slippery floor.

  • 吉吉_vu

  • 风吹麦浪_w08

    Watch out for the slippery floor.

  • 张明_qq

    get up to wash your face wash your face and brush your teeth wash your leg too who want to wash up first want mom to help you can you help me mom if I do it by myself I'll get my clothes wet I don't want to clean my face I'll wash myself after I eat are you done I am working mommy

  • 张明_qq

    get a clean towel mom there is no towel mom can you get me a towel you look pretty after cleaning watch out for the slippery floor

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  • aurora_bt

    Gyvf huh was hung gbcb b I ghgtxfjn mornings with you ghost is the fast okay man

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