Ch01-04 刷牙

Ch01-04 刷牙

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    Mum, squeeze the toothpaste for me We are out of toothpaste. Brush for 3 minute. Has it been 3 minutes yet? Don’t leave the water running. I hate brushing my teeth. Brush my teeth for me, mum. Brush your teeth well, or they’ll turn black.

  • jessi_imr

    You should brush your teeth 3 times a day. Brush your teeth properly. Brush up and down. Don’t forget to brush deep inside. Clean your teeth and gums thoroughly Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Gargle and spit. Put only a little toothpaste on your toothbrush.

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    If you don't take care of your teeth, you'll get cavities. If you don't brush well, you'll have bad breath. Don't brush your teeth the wrong way.

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    brush for three minutes has it been three minutes yet don't leave the water running I hate brushing my teeth brush my teeth for me mom brush your teeth well or they will turn black if you don't take care of your teeth you will get cavity if you don't brush well you will have bad breath

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    you should brush your teeth three times a day brush your teeth properly brush up and down don't forget to brush deep inside clean your teeth and gum thoroughly don't forget to brush your tongue gargle and spit put only a little toothpaste on your brush mom squeeze the toothpaste for me

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    hollo what's your name? my name is kuhjb what about you? my name is huimgerdxfvruij。 now it's time to eat dinner。do you want to eat with me? yes,now we are France? yes,we are France。and now we need to eat dinner。 ok。but now I need to tell my family and with you。 mother father I had a friend。