Series 3 Episode 6 - I'm In!

Series 3 Episode 6 - I'm In!



Olivia: Hi, Sarah! How are you?
Sarah: Hmmmm ...
Olivia: What’s up?
Sarah: Well, now it seems I’m going out with the chef in a café!
Olivia: Oh Sarah, come on! This is a nice place. Carlos is just helping out while Tony’s sick.
Sarah: Well, perhaps ... But it’s not exactly a ‘high-powered’ job, is it?
Fadi: Hi there! What’s happening?
Olivia: Sarah’s not happy because her boyfriend is the chef in a café.
Fadi: Oh, come on! He’s just helping out – it shows what a nice guy he is!
Sarah: Well, hmm, maybe. But Carlos has always talked about opening up his own restaurant, a really good, high-class place serving South American food.
Olivia: And I’m sure he’ll do that ... eventually!
Fadi: Yeah, he will. Just let him get a bit more experience here.
Sarah: Well ... OK then ... We’ll see.
Fadi: Talking of business plans ... I’ve got an idea!
Olivia: Oh no!
Fadi: Such faith! Come on, at least listen to me!
Sarah: Here are a couple of people who’ll listen to you.
Fadi: Hi, Johnny! Hi, Harry!
Johnny/Harry: Hi there!
Olivia: Fadi’s got a business proposition for you guys.
Sarah: Yeah! An offer you can’t refuse.
Johnny: Sounds good – go on!
Harry: I’m all ears.
Fadi: Well, seeing as we’re such a mixed bunch ...
Harry: How do you mean?
Fadi: Well – English, Chinese, Polish, Brazilian, Lebanese ...
Harry: Oh, yeah, I see what you mean.
Fadi: And we all know this city so well.
Johnny: We certainly do.
Fadi: I thought we could form a company offering services to visitors or tourists: “FindLondon”.
Johnny: What kind of services?
Fadi: All sorts of things ... Interpreters, help finding a place to stay, recommendations about places to eat or things to see, guided tours, that sort of thing.
Johnny: Hmmm ...
Harry: Not a bad idea that, use our own natural resources, like?
Fadi: I’m only looking for a small investment at the moment – we’re having a meeting next week. Are you in?
Johnny: Yeah! I’m in!
Harry: Me too!
Olivia: Well, I’ve got enough problems with my own business as it is – count me out!
Sarah: Yeah ... Good luck, guys, but it’s not for me either.
Fadi: Your loss! We’re going to be millionaires!