希拉里竞选纽约参议员的演讲稿Hilary Clinton, Novemeber7,2000

  You know, you know, we started this greateffort on a sunny July morning in Pinders Corner on pat and Liz Monahan'sbeautiful farm and 62 counties, 16 months, 3 debates, 2 opponents, and 6 blackpantsuits later, because of you, here we are.

  You came out and said that issues and ideals matter. Jobs matter,downstate and upstate. Health care matters, education matters, the environmentmatters, Social Security matters, a woman's right to choose matters. It all mattersand I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you, New York!

  Thank you for opening up your minds and your hearts, for seeing thepossibility of what we could do together for our children and for our futurehere in this state and in our nation. I am profoundly grateful to all of youfor giving me the chance to serve you.

  I will—I will do everything I can to be worthy of your faith and trustand to honor the powerful example of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I wouldlike all of you and the countless new Yorkers and Americans watching to join mein honoring him for his incredible half century of service to New York and ournation. Senator Moynihan, on behalf of New York and America, thank you.

  I promise you tonight that I will reach across party lines to bringprogress for all of New York's families. Today we voted as democrats andrepublicans. Tomorrow we begin again as New Yorkers.

  And how fortunate we are indeed to live in the most diverse, dynamic andbeautiful state in the entire union. You know, from the south Bronx to thesouthern tier, from Brooklyn to buffalo, from Montauk to Massena, from theworld's tallest skyscrapers to breathtaking mountain ranges, I've met peoplewhose faces and stories I will never forget. Thousands of new Yorkers from all62 counties welcomed me into you school, your local diners, your factoryfloors, your living rooms and front porches. You taught me, you tested me andyou shared with me your challenges and concerns—about overcrowded or crumblingschools, about the struggle to care for growing children and aging parents,about the continuing challenge of providing equal opportunity for all and aboutchildren moving away from their home towns because good jobs are so hard tofind in upstate New York. Now I've worked on issues like these for a long time,some of them for 30 year, and I am determined to make a difference for all ofyou.

  You see, I believe our nation owes every responsible citizen and everyresponsible family the tools that they need to make the most of their ownlives. That's the basic bargain. I'll do my best to honor in the United StatesSenate.

And to those of you who did not support me,I want you to know that I will work in the senate for you and for all newYorkers. And to those of you who worked so hard and never lost faith even inthe toughest times, I offer you my undying gratitude.

希拉里竞选纽约参议员的演讲稿Hilary Clinton, Novemeber7,2000



1、 纽约州在美国东北部,纽约市是美国第一大城市和最大的海港,也是美国人口最多的城市。美国的立法机构——美国国会(United States Congress)包括众议院(House of Representatives)和参议院(Senate)。美国议员选举实行直接选举制,参议员由各州选民直接选举,每个州可选出两名国会参议员,每个参议员任期为六年。
2、county[5kaunti] n.县(请注意,美国的县是比市更大一级的行政区划单位)
3、pantsuit[5pAnsju:t] n. 女裤套装
4、incredible[in5kredbl] a. 惊人的,不可思议的;难以置信的
5、diverse[dai5vE:z] a. 各种各样的,相异的
6、dynamic[dai5nAmik] a. 有生气的,精力充沛的
7、“Theworld’s tallest skyscrapers”是指位于纽约的世界最高建筑:

世界贸易中心(world Trade Center)和帝国大厦(EmpireState Building),

“breathtaking mountain ranges”是指阿巴拉契亚山脉(Appalachian Mountains)。
8、diner[5dainE] n.(路边)小饭店,小餐馆
9、porch[pC:tF] n. 走廊,游廊;门廊,入口处
10、owe[Eu] vt. 应给予,对……有义务
11、undying[QndaiiN] a. 不朽的,永恒的