上海Prada菜场外,女子把新买的芹菜扔进垃圾桶…丨Prada-themed market stirs debate

上海Prada菜场外,女子把新买的芹菜扔进垃圾桶…丨Prada-themed market stirs debate



A marketing campaign by Prada has drawn rave reviews among Gen Z consumers in Shanghai as fashion-loving youngsters rushed to get a taste of the Italian brand’s design savvy in their local wet market.

普拉达 (Prada) 的营销活动在上海的 Z 世代消费者中引起了热烈的评价,因为热爱时尚的年轻人争先恐后地在当地的湿货市场体验这个意大利品牌的设计理念。

During the recent National Day holidays, it attracted swathes of influencers dressing in high-fashion, taking photos, livestreaming and posing with produce. But it was found out that some people tossed the vegetables into the trash after photos and videos were taken. 

在最近的国庆假期,这个市场吸引了大批人,这些人穿着高级时装、和农产品拍照、直播。 但发现有人在拍完照片和视频后就把蔬菜扔进了垃圾桶。

At the Wuzhong wet market on Wulumuqi Road M on Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of consumers – most of whom were in their 20s and 30s – rummaged their way through vegetable, meat and flower stalls to buy produce wrapped up in the luxury brand’s purple and yellow wrapping paper, emblazoned with the slogan “Feels like Prada”.

周三下午,在乌鲁木齐 M 路的乌中农贸市场,数百名消费者——其中大部分是 20 多岁和 30 多岁——在蔬菜、肉类和花卉摊位中翻找,购买包裹在该奢侈品牌紫色和黄色包装中的农产品。 纸上印有“感觉像普拉达”的口号。

All items sold to shoppers were packaged in Prada paper at no extra cost. About 2,000 shopping bags with three different patterns are expected to be handed out to customers on each day of the event.

出售给购物者的所有商品均采用 Prada 纸包装,无需额外费用。 活动当天,预计每天将向向顾客分发大约2,000个三种不同图案的购物袋。

At least 200 people crowded the two-floor market where about 30 stores were operating. Since the end of September, Italian fashion luxury brand Prada held a cross-over campaign with Wuzhong market in downtown Xuhui district. The campaign ended on Sunday.

至少有 200 人挤满了大约有 30 家商店的两层楼市场。 自9月底以来,意大利时尚奢侈品牌Prada与徐汇区乌中市场开展了跨界活动。 这活动将于周日结束。

Zuo Xiaoyan, a merchant selling chicken eggs at the Wuzhong market, said although sales had risen during the Prada campaign “many visitors have come just to look at the papers and bags”.

在吴中市场卖鸡蛋的商人左小燕说,虽然在 Prada 活动期间销售额有所上升,但“许多游客只是为了看看纸和袋子”。

A local resident surnamed Wang was seen selecting some asparagus in front of a stand. "19 yuan," the stand owner said. "Can you give me a bag? I will give you some more money," the customer bargained, who had already snapped up three bags of various colors.

有人看到当地一位姓王的居民在摊位前挑选一些芦笋。 “19元,”摊主说。 “你能给我一些包装纸吗?我可以再给你一些钱。”顾客讨价还价,他已经抢购了三种不同颜色的包装纸。

Like Wang, almost everyone came for the bags. Customers swarm into the market, in high-heels and makeup, picking up grapes, pineapples, ginger and even eggs clothed in Prada branding for photos, and pose the way influencers do to get the perfect grocery-chic shot.

和王一样,几乎每个人都是为了PRADA包而来。 顾客们化着妆穿着高跟鞋涌入市场,拿起葡萄、菠萝、生姜、鸡蛋甚至穿着普拉达衣服过来拍照,以获得完美的杂货时尚照片。

he campaign has brought more business to the market and a sense of art to the daily life of people.


But not everyone is happy about the change, as pervasive influencer culture takes over market. 


"I hope it can come to an end sooner rather than later," a vegetable vendor complained. "The sales haven't grown much. More people come for pictures but few people buy them. They love to toss the vegetables and throw them away," he said.

“我希望它早日结束,”一名蔬菜摊贩抱怨道。 “销量没有增长多少。来拍照的人越来越多,但很少有人买。他们喜欢把蔬菜扔掉。”他说。

The vendor's comments were echoed by netizens who found that some people tossed the vegetables into the trash after taking pictures with them. "What a waste, we should say no to it!"

摊主的说法得到了网友的赞同,他们发现有人与他们合影后将蔬菜扔进了垃圾桶。 “太浪费了,我们应该拒绝!”

Compared to H1 2019, Prada sales in Chinese mainland grew an impressive 77 percent this year, according to the financial results of the group ending June 30.

根据Prada 集团截至 6 月 30 日的财务业绩,与 2019 年上半年相比,今年 Prada 在中国大陆的销售额增长了 77%。