KOL Marketing in China, with Elijah Whaley

KOL Marketing in China, with Elijah Whaley


We talk with the often-quoted authority on KOL marketing in China, Elijah Whaley, CMO at Parklu about how brands work with KOLs in China. 

• How does a brand engage a KOL? 

• How does a KOL campaign measure cost and impact? 

• How does the math work for ROI on a KOL campaign? 

• How do brands enable micro-influencer Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) to spread their message? 

• How do brands build authentic communities out of KOL campaigns? 

• How can brands make their product experience more shareable? 

• How do users’ intentionality dictate which Chinese social and e-commerce platform brands should use? 

• Why do Chinese consumers need on average twice as many brand exposures as other consumers before making a purchase decision? And how do brands build campaigns with this in mind?