Build Your Tribe - Kristen Bell

Build Your Tribe - Kristen Bell



Hello, good morning, class of 2019. Thank you so much for having me. It is an incredible honor to stand here before you today. Thank you to the faculty, to the guests, the families, and to all the gorgeous students among us who are beyond the shadow of a doubt, nursing, raging hangovers and praying that this Disney princess keeps the let it go metaphors to a minimum. So, I see you. I got you. 

I want to start today by sharing a secret about myself that you might not know. I did not graduate from college. Dean is in a full flop sweat thinking. Oh my God, nobody double-checked. I had a feeling when I saw her outfit because no one with a respectable degree would wear hoops of that size. Who let her in here. 

But that leads me to another thing about me, which is, um, I'm nice. And as it turns out, when you are nice, people tend to overlook a lot. In some cases, this could include experience, credentials, not having your driver's license at airport security. And yes, that's a true story twice. 

And you might say, Kristen, no, that's not a result to being nice. That's the result and the privilege of being a recognizable person, and okay, that may be true, but I will counter with my husband who is also highly recognizable and doesn't get away with anything. 






克里斯汀·贝尔(Kristen Bell),1980年7月18日出生于密歇根州底特律,美国影视演员。 2004年,她因主演电视剧《美眉校探》而走红。在2007年,她加入了《绯闻女孩》,为旁白“Gossip Girl”配音。2008年,她在《英雄》中饰演“放电女”。2013年5月,克里斯汀·贝尔再次出演电影版《美眉校探》女主角;在同年上映的《冰雪奇缘》中,她为公主安娜配音。2017年主演喜剧电影《如何成为拉丁情人》。