How to be positive all the time - Josiah Ruff

How to be positive all the time - Josiah Ruff



So this young man asked his mentor: "How do I be positive all the time?" The mentor responded: "Not be human… because no human is positive all the time." It is impossible for any human to achieve the state of positivity 100% of the time.

And so… the goal should not be to achieve a state of perfection… because that doesn't exist. Instead… The goal should be to grow. To do the daily self work that creates your best self.?The best version of YOU. And in that daily self-work you will find clarity. In that daily self-work you will find intention.?And absolutely… in that daily self work you will bring out MORE positivity every day.

You will NOT be perfect.  Perfection doesn't exist. It will not happen overnight. No great change happens that fast. There WILL be set backs. There will be negative moments. There will be negative reactions. Some old negative patterns will come up. 

But, if you are committed to continue working on yourself every day, those negative moments will not last. They will become less and less frequent and less and less meaningful…because what comes out, is always what is inside… and if what is inside you is mainly positive, then what will come out will be mainly positive.

So feed yourself with that positivity and intention every day. Find what resonates with you in books, audio… the best teachers that make YOU better. Commit to feed yourself that positivity with the same importance you give food or water. The food is fuel for your physical body, and the self work is fuel for your soul… feed both every single day for a truly strong life.