How to overcome fear

How to overcome fear



When we experience fear, no matter what it is, our body perceives a real and present threat or danger - even if there is none. Most of the time, we fear things that haven't even happened and often will never happen. Fear can be paralyzing, and it can fool us into thinking that our feelings are actually correct. While it might be normal once in a while to fear something, you don't want it to control your life. Whether it's a fear of public speaking, seeking out a new job, getting married, or really, anything else. Whatever it is that scares you, the following 12 steps should help you conquer your fears! 

Number 1 - Acknowledge Your Fears 

Before you can do anything about overcoming your fears, you have to become aware of them. Acknowledge that they do exist. Don't try to avoid or run away from them – this will only further propagate the fears. Once you can admit to yourself that you're afraid, you can then start to work on overcoming these fears. 

Number 2 - Question Your Fears 

Next to acknowledging your fears existence, you have to actually gain a clear picture of them. What are you so afraid of? What's the worst possible thing that could happen to you? Write these things down, but look at them objectively. Write a single paragraph of what that fear is, why it exists, and possibly where it stems from. Do this so that you can further move it out of your subconscious mind and into your conscious mind.