NO. 48 BBC 6 MIN-Cryptocurrency 加密货币 (比特币)

NO. 48 BBC 6 MIN-Cryptocurrency 加密货币 (比特币)









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Cryptocurrency加密货币 (比如比特币)

Well,you seem to know a fair bit about cryptocurrency actually… anyway, now a new player is joining the digital money system as Facebook have announced they are launching (发行) their own digital currency (数字货币). They are calling it 'Libra' (Facebook推出的加密货币). And we’ll be finding a little bit more about this topic in the programme, butfirst, a question. Now, Sam, you mentioned Bitcoin as being a well-known cryptocurrency. It was, in fact, the first cryptocurrency, but when was Bitcoin created? Was it:


a) 2008

b) 2009

c) 2010



The word is a combination of crypto (秘密的;保密的), from cryptography(密码学), which is to do with using clever software codes to protect computer information and systems, and currency (货币), which is the money of a particular country. So cryptocurrency (加密货币), very simply, means code money. We usually think of money as notes (纸币)and coins which come from a country’s bank.



But a cryptocurrency doesn’t have physical money (实物货币或真币). It’s purely digital and is not controlled by banks or governments but by the people who have it and very complex computer codes. Perhaps the most well-known is Bitcoin(比特币).



A cryptocurrency is normally subject to the whims (受制于) of crypto markets, which are notoriously (臭名昭著地)volatile (可能急剧波动的;不稳定的), whereas Libra is kept stable (稳定的) by being backed up (支持) by a basket of currencies, in this case, the dollar, the pound, the euro and the Swiss franc.


4  下面这段文字的解释很细腻,很能打比方,但。。。绕,直接看之前一段给出的意思就行。

Whim is an unpredictable or irrational (不理性的) decision or trend and if you are subject to the whims of something, or someone,it means that metaphorically you are a passenger in a self-driving car whichmay decide just to drive off the edge of a cliff. So it might be an exciting ride, but it could end in disaster.