NO. 46 BBC 6 MIN-Tipping 给小费的艺术

NO. 46 BBC 6 MIN-Tipping 给小费的艺术








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What is the biggest tip that we know somebody gave? Is it… 
A: $10,000, is it…

B: $250,000, or is it… 

C: $3,000,000


1       i.e. 也就是,亦即

differ  区别于;不同于

tipping  给小费      

norm  标准


Itis cultural, i.e. it differs from place to place. We have restaurants in London, we have a restaurant in Manchester, we’re also opening a restaurant in New York and those three cities have quite different attitudes to tipping. In London, the norm is, it’s there, it’s onyour bill. That’s not the norm, for example, in Manchester and it’s not the norm in New York where we’re going to open a restaurant later this year.


2  highlight  强调

There’s another short expression that he used that I’d like to highlight. Before he talks about how the policies differ, he says i.e. These two letters stand for the Latin phrase 'id est'. Now we never say ‘id est’ but we do write and say i.e.



So,one difference is that in some places people prefer an automatic (自动的)service charge (定好的服务费) so that theydon’t have to think about or try to calculate a tip. But in other places,people hate that - they want to decide who and how much to tip themselves.


4  tacit  默示的;心照不宣的;不言而喻的

New York exactly the same. There’s a tacit pressure to tip. But theoretically you just stand up and walk out. You don’t, everybody tips 20% or, there is a theory of an option. But people like that. 


5  whopping [only before noun] (informal)  巨大的;很大的

Well it was actually, believe it or not, a whopping $3,000,000. Yes!