NO. 44 BBC 6 MIN-High-vis fashion (荧光时尚,你get到了吗?)

NO. 44 BBC 6 MIN-High-vis fashion (荧光时尚,你get到了吗?)








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We know that fashions come and go but in which decade were leg warmers (护腿) wornas a popular fashion accessory? Was it…

a)the 1970s,

b)the 1980s 

c)the 1990s



It's good to see you keeping up with fashion (紧跟时尚) by wearing the high-vis jacket (荧光夹克) –although I have to say it is a bit dazzling (炫目的;眼花缭乱的;耀眼的).

2  a fashion victim  时尚牺牲品

A fashion victim, by the way, is someone who always wears what's thought to be fashionable, even if it doesn't actually look good on them.

fashion statement  时尚宣言

But wearing high-vis clothing has become the latest fashion statement –that's something you wear to attract attention and people who know something about fashion.

4  cyclist  骑自行车的人

   pedestrian  行人;步行者

Yes,they were designed to be worn for safety by people like cyclists (骑自行车的人) and pedestrians (行人;步行者) and by workers who need to be seen if, for example, they're working in the road or directing traffic. So it's strange to think that now people choose to wear them to be on-trend (时尚;潮流)– that's following the latest fashion. 

5  luminous 夜光的;发光的

Why she thought people were turning to bright, luminous (夜光的;发光的;发亮的) clothing. What was the reason?

6  eye-catching 吸引眼球的;引人注目的

There's also just a trend at the moment for people wearing very bright things, very eye-catching things.


7  traction  吸引力;魅力;牵引力

Hannahmentioned that wearing something different creates a talking point – something that you or I may discuss at work or on social media – even if it is to say "that guys looks ridiculous"! And she also mentions that people are becoming interested in and accepting these kinds of trends – the word she used was traction.


8  thorny  引起争议的;麻烦的;棘手的

Everytime fashion borrows from workwear, there're always some sort of thorny issues around it. 


9 understate  轻描淡写;避重就轻地说