NO. 43 BBC 6 MIN-AI 你害怕人工智能吗?

NO. 43 BBC 6 MIN-AI 你害怕人工智能吗?








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Do you fear Artificial Intelligence? 

Maybe you can remember the headlines when a super computer defeated the World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov, to everybody’s astonishment. It was in 1997. What was the computer called, Neil? Was it: 

a)  Red Menace

b)  Deep Blue

c)  Silver Surfer



Well,you’ll need all your wits about you (绞尽脑汁) – meaning you’llneed to think very quickly in this programme because we’re talking about intelligence, or to be more accurate, Artificial Intelligence.


Many people say that he’s a genius (天才) – in other words, he is very, very intelligent.


Professor Hawking is one of the most famous scientists in the world and people remember him for his brilliance and also because he communicates using a synthetic (人工合成的) voice generated by a computer.


To surpass (超越;胜过;优于) means to have abilities superior to our own.


And another is The Terminator (终结者), a movie in which actor Arnold Schwarzenegger played an android (人形机器人) from the future. An android is a robot that looks like a human.

6  end up 最终成为;最后处于(固定搭配)

   rebel  v. 反叛;反抗 n. 叛乱者

In many movies and books about robots that think, the robots end up rebelling against their creators.

7  the bulk of sththe main part of sth  主体;大部分

   indifferent  漠不关心;不感兴趣

   in pursuitof  追求

   side effect  意外的连带后果

   atom 原子

   instrumentalimportant in make sth happen  起重要作用

The bulk of the risk is not in machines being evil or hating humans but rather that they are indifferent to humans and that in pursuit of their own goals we humans would sufferas a side effect. Suppose you had a super intelligent AI whose only goal was to make as many paperclips as possible. Human bodies consist ofatoms and those atoms could be used to make a lot of really nice paperclips. Ifyou want paperclips it turns out that in the pursuit of this you would have the instrumental reasons to do things that would be horrible to humanity (统称人类).

8  a moral compass  道德指南;道德罗盘

How can we be sure that Artificial Intelligence – be either a device or software – will have a moral compass