NO. 41 BBC 6 MIN-Memory 记忆力

NO. 41 BBC 6 MIN-Memory 记忆力








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Improving your memory

There are many ways we can improve our memory but one way is through the type of food we eat. According to the BBC Food website, which type of food supports good memory function? Is it…

a) eggs

b) spinach (菠菜)

c) bananas


1  short-term memory  短时记忆

Too many things on my mind, it's affecting my short-term memory (短时记忆), but what I can remember is that in this programme we're talking about improving our memory.

2  deteriorate 变坏;恶化;退化

Storing information is an important function of our brains and scientists are always looking at ways to improve it but also to stop it deteriorating – or becoming worse.

3  visual 视觉的

   auditory 听觉的

   kinaesthetic  动觉的

There are three different styles - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic,that's learning by ‘doing’ and practicing something over and over again.

4  contextual  语境的;与语境相关的

When something is contextual, it is in the situation where it usually exists.

5  intuitive  直觉的

He says it makes intuitive sense – intuitive means it is 'based on feelings rather than facts or proof' - so, you just feel it is the best thing todo. 

6  encoding  编码

Encoding is changing information into a form that can be stored and later recalled. 

7  sudoku  数独

Ihave also heard that doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku can help,especially when you're older. 

8  Alzheimer’s  阿尔茨海默病,老年痴呆

people with Alzheimer’s find it very difficult to encode information – so anyway to keep our memory working is a good thing. Basically we need brain training!