NO. 38 BBC 6 MIN-Objectification (Men, 物化?)

NO. 38 BBC 6 MIN-Objectification (Men, 物化?)



Today'squestion is: on British TV in which decade was a completely naked man firstseen? Was it…

a)the 1940s

b)the 1950s

c)the 1960s

1  objectification 物化

Objectification can lead toissues in society such as inequality and discrimination. Objectification of women is a problem but what about the objectification of men? 


Yes,it's a kind of a dating show and all the contestants (竞争者;比赛者)- menand women - spend a lot of time in their swimming costumes and they've all got perfect bodies.


It'sa programme that seems equally to objectify(物化;对进行人格物化) men and women equally. But is that a bad thing?


If you look at the impact of TV series like Love Island for instance, the producers of that programme present that as, have described that as being aspirational(渴望成功的;一心想提高社会地位和生活水平的) for their audience.



It's presenting role models (楷模;行为榜样), its presenting models that people are supposed to aspire to (渴望成为…).


But also it's likely to generate higher levels of narcissism (自恋), self-consciousness(自我意识),becoming obsessive (着迷的;迷恋的) about your appearance. It's not particularly an attractive feature either in men or in women and I suspect that's impacting on men's behaviour in a way which is detrimental in the same sort of way that's been detrimental (有害的;不利的) forwomen really, for decades.