NO. 37 BBC 6 MIN-Side Hustle (你能玩转副业或兼职吗?)

NO. 37 BBC 6 MIN-Side Hustle (你能玩转副业或兼职吗?)



 Side hustle  副业;兼职



Well,my side hustle should be quiz master, because I'm always asking questions and today is no exception. According to the employee ratings website Glassdoor,which job is thought to be the best to have in the UK this year? Is it…

a)a software engineer

b)a teacher, or

c)an audit manager?

1  side hustle  副业

Yes, a side hustle. It's something more and more of us are involved withthese days. And that's what we'll be talking about shortly.

2  make ends meet  使收支相抵;勉强维持生计

Away to make ends meet. That means 'having just enough money to pay forthe things you need'.

3  sideline  兼职;副业

A sideline also describes an extra job you do alongside your main job.

4  sacrifice  牺牲;舍弃

  become accustomed to  习惯于  

Butnow I don't think I could go back to one of these big companies because you'dessentially be sacrificing the flexibility, which is something I've become veryaccustomed to now.

5  rag rug  布条拼接地毯;碎布地毯

Elspeth liked making rag rugs. This has given her flexibility in her life and returning to work at a big company would be sacrificing that. That means 'giving something up' or 'going without it'.


6  creative balance指

SoBecci implies that it's not always easy to have a side hustle. The benefit for her is the creative balance – a good mix of doing office-based work, regular tasks and a routine with working creatively, making things and getting pleasure from it.



I think it just gives me creative balance, and obviously working for the telecoms firm it gets me out the house and gets me to meet people in a social environment. It can be difficult to juggle (尽力同时应付) thetwo though definitely.  It's definitely a grind (令人疲劳或厌倦的工作;苦差事). It'sa lot harder than people think it's going to be.


Working mothers are used to juggling their jobs, their children’s needs and their housework.