17.2 Power of silence 安静的力量(朗读版)

试听9017.2 Power of silence 安静的力量(朗读版)





Power of silence

JOE was an old man. The 75-year-old lived very happily in a village and had a beautiful family. His children grew up and moved to different cities. Now, Joe has four grandchildren, and they visit him during their holidays.

During one vacation, Joe was preparing his home for the kids: cleaning and buying their favorite foods. After he finished working, he realized he lost his favorite watch. The watch was a gift from his wife when their first child was born. Joe treasured the watch very much, especially after his wife’s death. He was very upset about losing it.

Once his grandchildren came, they promised him they would find the watch. (1)

One granddaughter asked: “Grandpa, do you remember when you saw the watch last before it went missing?”

“I guess when I was cleaning the barn!” Joe replied.

The children looked for more than two hours with Joe, but they could not find it. The kids were now also sad, but they tried to comfort their grandfather.

One grandson went back to the barn to look again. Joe asked why he was going there a second time. But the little boy just asked the others not to follow him and to remain silent.

He was there for about 15 minutes and then rushed to his grandfather. He found the watch and happily gave it to Joe.

Joe was surprised and asked how he was able to find it. The little boy replied: “I sat there without making a noise, and the barn was so silent. After a few minutes, I heard the ‘tick, tick’ sound and found the watch.”

Joe hugged and thanked the little boy.

This is the power of silence. If we stay calm, we are more able to find the solution!