008.Rule 7 To Learn English Fast

008.Rule 7 To Learn English Fast



Rule 7
Hi. Today is the last rule! Remember, I promised to send you 8 emails.
Today is number 7 :)
Today is the last Rule, and it is the easiest:
Most English CDs use "listen and repeat". The speaker says something in
English, and you repeat exactly what they said. This method is a failure.
**Rule 7: A Story
Emi, a Japanese woman, had a problem. Her speaking was SLOW. She
could not answer questions quickly.
Emi listened to many English tapes and CDs. She listened. She repeated
what the speaker said.
Emi emailed me. I recommended "Listen & Answer" lessons. I told her not
to use "listen and repeat".
I told her to use "Listen & Answer" Mini-Stories.
I told her that "listen and repeat" is not enough-- when you repeat, you
only copy the speaker. But when you hear a question and you ANSWER it-
- you must think in English.
After using listen & ANSWER lessons for just 4 months, her speaking was
fast, easy, and automatic.
Emi was excited. She wrote:
"The lessons are FANTASTIC! I love them. My speaking is so much faster
now. I understand quickly and I can now speak English without thinking.
I can't believe it!"
**RULE 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
In each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also
asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear a question, you pause
and answer it.
You learn to answer questions quickly-- without thinking. Your English
becomes automatic.
How can you use Listen & Answer Stories? Easy! Find a native speaker
tutor. Ask him to use this method: Ask him to tell a story... and to
constantly ask you easy questions about it. This will teach you to think
quickly in English!
You can also find Listen & Answer lessons. They will teach you to think
quickly in English.
**What's Next?
That is the last rule! How can you continue?
A great way to use the 7 Rules is to use my Effortless English
Club lessons. I teach you to speak English easily, and fast.
My lessons use all of the 7 Rules.
To get my Effortless English Club lessons, go to:
Use the lessons and I guarantee you will succeed :)
Thanks for allowing me to teach you.
**One More Email
You will get only one more email from me for this course.
Have a great day!
Take Care and Good Luck,
A.J. Hoge
Founder and Director
Effortless English