006.Rule 5

006.Rule 5



Hi. How are you today? Are you having a great day? I'm doing well.
Today I'm back to explain Rule 5. I hope you are enjoying these emails :)
On Day 2, I told you never to study grammar rules. But, of course, you
want to use correct English grammar.
Maybe you are thinking, "How can I learn English grammar if I don't
study English grammar rules?"
Well, today I will tell you.
I will teach you a way to learn grammar naturally. Use this method and
your grammar will improve automatically. You will automatically use the
correct verb tense. You won't think. You won't try.
**Rule 5: A Story
Miyuki did very well on grammar tests. She knew all of the grammar
rules. She knew English verbs.
But Miyuki had a problem. She couldn't USE the grammar in a real
conversation. She could explain the past tense, but when speaking, she
would say "Yesterday I GO to school".
Miyuki was confused. How could her grammar tests be so good, but her
speaking so bad?
Miyuki said:
"Before Effortless English, I knew all the grammar rules, but I couldn't
speak correctly. I couldn't feel English grammar. After using Point of
View stories, I feel it and use it correctly.
Now my grammar is great when I speak. I never think about it, I just
automatically use correct grammar. Thank you A.J.!"
Miyuki learned this grammar naturally. She never studied
grammar rules. How did she do it?
First she listened to a short story in the present tense. She listened to it
Then, she listened to the exact SAME story-- but this time it started with
"10 years ago...." She learned to "feel" the past tense by listening to this
Next, I gave her the exact same story. This time, it started with "Since
2004..." Miyuki learned to FEEL the perfect tenses by listening to this
Finally, I gave her the exact same story... beginning with "Next year". She
learned to FEEL the future tense simply by listening to this story.
***RULE 5: Use Point Of View Mini-Stories
I call these stories "Point Of View Mini-Stories". They are the most
powerful way to learn and use English grammar automatically.
Use Point of View Stories for Automatic Grammar
Use Point of View Stories for Automatic Grammar
You must learn grammar by listening to real English. The best way is to
listen to the same story... told in different times (points of view): Past,
Perfect, Present, Future.
How do you do this? Easy! Find a story or article in the present tense.
Then ask your native speaker tutor to write it again in the Past, with
Perfect tenses, and in the Future. Finally, ask him to read and record
these stories for you.
Then you can listen to stories with many different kinds of grammar. You
don't need to know the grammar rules. Just listen to the Point of View
stories and you will improve grammar automatically!
You can also find Point of View lessons and use them to learn grammar
It is powerful. It is simple. It is successful. You will succeed. You will
use correct grammar naturally and automatically.
This is the secret to English grammar.
**How To Learn Real English
In the next email, I will tell you how to avoid textbooks and learn only real
I guarantee you will succeed. Don't quit. You can do it :)
Have a great day!
Good luck with your English learning,
A.J. Hoge
Effortless English