003.Rule 2

003.Rule 2



Hi. How are you? Are you having a good day? I'm doing fine. Let's get
started with Day 2 of your email course.
**Rule 2: A Story From Angelina
"My name is Angelina and I'm a student from Paraguay. When I started
learning with A.J., I couldn't speak any English. I had studied English
grammar many years, but I couldn't speak.
The first day with A.J.'s Effortless English I thought I would study
grammar. However, he surprised me because he never taught grammar
Instead, he told a story. He told it many times, in a strange way. He
constantly asked questions, and I answered the questions. The questions
were super-easy.
Honestly, I was a little confused. I thought he was kind of a crazy teacher
:) I thought I needed to learn more grammar.
I continued with Effortless English and then, after only two weeks,
something amazing happened. My speaking improved! My friends asked
me, 'How are you improving so quickly?'
I realized that A.J. was quite clever, and the stories and questions and
articles were teaching me to speak English, without studying grammar
rules. Wow!"
Angelina is a great student. She learned extra fast because she listened
to Effortless English 5 hours a day. However, you can improve with just
one hour a day.
You can get the same results... but you must follow Rule 2.
**RULE 2: Don't Study Grammar
Angelina quickly improved speaking-- when she stopped studying
grammar. This is your second rule.
Stop studying grammar.
Stop studying grammar.
Right now. Stop. Put away your grammar books and textbooks.
Grammar rules teach you to think about English, you want to speak
automatically-- without thinking!
With Effortless English, you learn English without grammar study. Your
speaking improves quickly. You succeed. You speak English naturally.
So Rule 2 is: Don't Study Grammar!
*The Vital Secret For English Learning Power
In the next email, I will discuss the most important rule for speaking
English easily.
Have a great day and continue to improve your English :)
Take Care,
AJ Hoge
Effortless English
PS: Ignacio Almandoz wrote and said:
"I've just sucessfully downloaded the 'A Kiss' lesson set. Congratulations
on your teaching program! I'm learning a lot through your lessons!"