Hotel California《加州旅馆》背后的故事

Hotel California《加州旅馆》背后的故事



周五又到啦~ 今天我们来聊一首老歌Hotel California《加州旅馆》。Hotel California是老鹰乐队the Eagles在1977年发布的,鼓手Don Henley担任主唱……

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During that time, most artists used drugs to open up creative pathways for writing and some even used them while performing. Not only were the musicians trying drugs, but many of their fans were using while listening to their music.

Moreover, the Eagles admitted they themselves were drowning in these temptations. 

"As you're driving in Los Angeles at night, you can see the glow of the energy and the lights of Hollywood and Los Angeles for 100 miles out in the desert. 

And on the horizon, as you're driving in, all of these images start coming into your mind...

In other words, the movie stars, the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, the beaches, bikinis, palm trees, all those images that you see and that people think of when they think of California start running through your mind. You're anticipating that.