Bille追星成功,和比伯合唱的《Bad Guy》唱的是什么?

Bille追星成功,和比伯合唱的《Bad Guy》唱的是什么?



前段时间Billie Eilish追星成功,和Justin Bieber合唱Bad Guy也是着实让人羡慕了~ 今天我们就来聊聊Bad Guy这首歌吧。

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I like it when you take control

Even if you know that you don't

Own me, I'll let you play the role

I'll be your animal

I'm that bad type

Make your mama sad type

Make your girlfriend mad tight

Might seduce your dad type

“Here’s the thing with homeschooling. It gave me time to actually realize what I wanted to do early on. Music was never a hobby. It was always there.” 

People always ask, ‘How does it feel to have started out in your brother’s tiny room, and now you’re in the big studio?’ ” “But I’m not. I’m still in the same room.

"I felt like the album was pretty dark and covered a lot of heavy stuff, with songs like 'Bury A Friend.'

The art that I like that is the darkest…if there's an element of humor in it, I think I take it even more seriously. It really resonates with me. It was really important with this album to find a sense of humor in the midst of all of this heaviness."