《I Will Always Love You》居然不是情歌

《I Will Always Love You》居然不是情歌



上期节目我们聊了《蜘蛛侠:英雄远征》,今天我们就来聊聊影片一开头缅怀英雄们的那首《I Will Always Love You》吧。当时听到感觉鸡皮疙瘩都起来了……

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“We had one of those relationships where we were just so passionate about what we did; it was like fire and ice. We kind of butted heads all the time, but we loved each other. There was a great passion there.”

But Dolly wanted to leave the show at that time. She had to tell Porter that she wanted to go out on her own. 

So, finally, she thought, "How am I gonna make him understand how much I appreciate everything, but that I have to go? He won't listen to me. He's not listening to reason when I want to go!" 

I didn’t care if it was ever on the radio, I didn’t care. We’re also going to do this a cappella at the beginning. ( cappella是没有伴奏地唱的意思)I need it to be a cappella because it shows a measure of how much she digs this guy — that she sings without music.

I was just a girl with the big hair and a big personality, but I think that one kind of pointed a finger at me as a serious songwriter and the fact that it did so well and I was so touched by it and so honored by it. That one will stand out in my mind forever.