S123. synthetic-S124. system

S123. synthetic-S124. system


synthesis, synthetic

构词:syn(= same 一)+thet(= set 放)+-ic(adj.)

放一起 n.(人工)合成, 综合      

相关:thesis, antithesis, hypothesis, prosthesis

搭配synthetic drugs / fabrics / materials / chemicals

            protein / speech synthesis, the synthesis of penicillin; 

            synthesis of A and / with B

近义:artificial, man-made, manufactured , fake, pseudo

system, systematic

构词:sy(= same 一, 同)+stem(树干)

同一树干 n. 系统; 体制

相关:stem from; stand, store, story, stay, still, stall

搭配:educational/ transport/ security/ digestive/ computer system, the system of government, the system works well / broke down; overthrow / beat / against / out of (one’s)system

systematic way / study / risk / error / attempt / torture

近义system = structure, web, organization, network, method

systematic = organized, methodical, well-ordered, standardized