8走遍美国_Grandpa's Trunk 祖父的行李箱 ACT II

8走遍美国_Grandpa's Trunk 祖父的行李箱 ACT II




8走遍美国:Grandpa'sTrunk 祖父的行李箱 ACT II

Excuse me. Is this seat taken? 对不起,请问这个座位有人吗?

No, it's not taken. 没,没人坐。

Oh, thank you. 啊,谢谢。

Oh, let me help you with this. 来,我帮你放。

Oh, thank you. 谢谢你。

Do you want to sit by the window? 想靠窗坐吗?

No, no, no. I like the aisle seat better. 不,不,不。我喜欢坐在靠过道的地方。

Please, you sit by the window. 你请靠窗坐。

My name is Stewart... Malcolm Stewart. 我姓Stewart……Malcolm Stewart

Pleased to meet you. 很高兴遇见你。

I'm Elsa Tobin. How do you do? 我叫Elsa Tobin,你好。

Do you live inNew York? 你住在纽约吗?

No, no. I'm fromFlorida. 不,我是从佛罗里达来的。

I am, too. But didn't you just get on? 我也是。可是,你不是刚上车的吗?

No, no. I just changed my seat. 不,不。我仅仅换了一下座位。

A man next to me was smoking, 我旁边的那位男的吸烟,

and smoke really bothers me. 烟味我受不了。

Where are you from inFlorida? 你从佛罗里达什么地方来?

Titusville. It's nearOrlando.Titusville ,就在Orlando附近。

Small world. I'm fromTitusville, too. 世界真小。我也是从Titusville来的。

Really? What part? 真的么?什么地方?

My husband and I live near Spaceport. 我和我丈夫住在Spaceport附近。

I know that area. 我知道那地方。

My house is only a few miles from Spaceport. 我的家离Spaceport只有几里路。

Do you still live there? 你还住在那儿?

Oh yes, yes. My husband's there now. 哦,对,对。我丈夫现在就在那儿。

He couldn't take time off to come toNew Yorkwith me. 他走不开,没时间和我一起来纽约。

Do you still live there? 你现在还住那儿??

No. I sold the house and the furniture, 不。我把房子家俱都卖了,

put a few personal things in an old trunk, 剩下一些个人东西放进一个旧衣箱,

and shipped it to my children inNew York. 运到我孩子那儿去了,他们住在纽约。

That's my destination. 那是我的目的地。

Are you married? 你有家室吗?

My wife died four years ago. 我妻子四年前去世了。

She was a wonderful woman. A real friend. 她是个很好的女人。一个真正的朋友。

I'm sorry. Really, I'm sorry. 对不起,真的,我感到难过。

Lots of wonderful memories. 许多美好的回忆。

We were married almost fifty years. 我们结婚将近五十年。

Well, forty-seven, to be exact. 准确的说,是四十七年。

John and I celebrate our fortiethanniversary next month. 下个月,John和我将庆祝我们的结婚四十周年纪念日。

Oh, congratulations! That's nice. 啊,恭喜你们!太好了。

What does John do? John现在做什么工作?

He's an aerospace engineer 他是航空工程师

and works for Orlando Aircraft Corporation. 为奥兰多飞机制造公司工作。

He started with them almost forty yearsago. 他在那儿做了近四十年了。

What do you do? 你现在做什么?

I just retired. Had my own company. 我刚退休。我有自己的公司,

A construction company. Roads, bridges, bigstuff. 一家建筑公司。道路、桥梁,都是大工程。

But I just sold it and retired. 我前不久把它卖了,接着退休了。

Excuse me, ma'am. Ticket, please. 对不起,太太。车票请拿出来看一下。

Would you kindly hold these keys, please? 请帮我拿一下这些钥匙,可以吗?

I have a ticket, I know. 我知道,我有车票。

I was in the smoking section. 我原本坐在吸烟的位子。

It's OK, lady. Take your time. 没关系,太太。慢慢来。

I'm sure it's in your purse, Mrs. Tobin. 我肯定是在您的皮包里,Tobin太太。

Oh, here it is. 哦,在这儿。

And here are your keys.你的钥匙。

Thank you. 谢谢。

Do you have family inNew York? 你在纽约有亲戚吗?

No, no. But I do have very close friends inNew York City. 没有。但我在纽约有非常要好的朋友。

We like to go to the theater together. 我们常一起去戏院。

You said you have family inNew York. 你说你在纽约有家人。

Yes, indeed. 对,没错。

A son and his wife and their threechildren-- 有个儿子、儿媳妇以及他们的三个孩子--

my grandchildren. 我的孙儿女们。

You must be excited. 您一定很兴奋。

I can't wait, to see them! 我恨不得马上见到他们!

Are you going to live with them? 您打算和他们一起住吗?

Yes. 对。

Permanently? 一直住下去?

Well... they want me to, 这……他们希望这样。

but it's too early to know for sure. 但我现在还不能确定。

I'm pretty independent. 我是独立惯了的人。

I tried to teach my kids the importance ofindependence, 我总是告诫孩子们独立的重要性,

but I'm not sure I want to be alone. 但我不知道我是否想一个人生活。

Some people don't mind being alone. I do. 有些人不在乎独自生活,我在乎。

I understand. But tell me. 我能理解。但你能告诉我,

Why did you stop working? 你为什么要退休?

I retired because... I wanted to be with myfamily. 我退休是因为……我想和全家人在一起。

I didn't want to be alone anymore! 我不想再一个人独自生活了!



What's your name?

My name is Stewart... Malcolm Stewart.

Pleased to meet you. What's your name?

I'm Elsa Tobin. How do you do?

How do you do? Where do you live?


Where do you live?

Small world. I'm fromTitusville, too.

It's a small, small world. How do you do?

Are you married? Yes or no?

Please tell me. Let me know.

John and I celebrate our 40th anniversarynext month.

Congratulations. Congratulations.

What do you do?

Are you a doctor, a farmer, a mailman,

a lawyer, an artist, a salesman, abusinessman

or a preacher, a high school teacher?

I just retired.

Do you have family inNew York?



Do you have family inNew York?

Yes, indeed.

I'm pleased to meet you. Pleased to meetyou.

How do you do? I'm pleased to meet you.


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