第1章05. The red ro

第1章05. The red ro


'What were you doing behind that curtain?'he asked.
  'I was reading,'I answered.
  'Show me the book.'I gave it to him.
  'You have no right to take our books,'he continued.'You have no money and your father left yor none.You ought to beg in the streets,not live here in comfort with a gentleman's family.Aayway,all these books are mine,and so is the whole house,or will be in a few years'time.I'll teach you not to borrow my books again.'He lifted the heavy book and threw it hard at me.
  It hit me and I fell,cutting my head on the door.I was in great pain,and suddenly for the first time in my life,I forgot my fear of John Reed.
'You wicked,cruel boy!'I cried.'You are a bully!You are as bad as a murderer!'