pandora 潘多拉 (外教全英)

pandora 潘多拉 (外教全英)




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Pandora lived alone, in a land of broken things.

She made herself a handsome home, from all that peoplehad left behind.

But no one ever came to visit.

So she spent her time gathering and repairing what shecould, bringing lost and forgotten things back to life.

Then one day…something fell from the sky. 

It was broken too, but Pandora didn’t know how to fix it. 

So she made it as snug as she could and kept it safe allthrough the night.

Pandora’s guest was a little weak at first. But as thedays went by, he grew stronger.

Soon he could hop about, and then fly short distances.

Before long, Pandoracouldn’t keep up with him.

But, with gifts fromfaraway lands, he always came back.

Until the day he didn’t.

Once again, Pandorawas alone. She thought her heart would break.

But day by day, theworld appeared a little less grey.

Until one morning, Pandora woke to the warmth of the sun…andto the sound of birdsong…in a land of living things.                               




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