Marvin gets mad Marvin生气了 (中英双语)

Marvin gets mad Marvin生气了 (中英双语)




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Marvin Gets Mad !

《疯狂的 Marvin》

作者:Joseph Theobald

一个完美的早晨,Molly 吃掉了一个苹果。可那是 Marvin 想吃了很久的苹果!Marvin 很生气!后果很严重!

Help!谁能让 Marvin 冷静下来吗?

One perfect morning Marvin and Molly found a tree full of big, juicy apples.


There was one apple that Marvin really wanted but no matter how high he jumped, he couldn’t quite reach it.


Maybe it will fall off, thought Marvin.


He waited, and waited...and waited!


But the apple did not fall.


Eventually Marvin fell asleep.


When Marvin woke up, the apple was gone.


Molly was eating it!


“I wanted that apple!” shouted Marvin.


“Sorry,” said Molly. “I didn’t know.”


Marvin was not happy.


“Don’t get mad with me.” said Molly. “There are lots more apples in the tree.”


“I wanted that apple!” shouted Marvin. “And you’ve eaten it!!”


Marvin was so mad...he grew mad teeth, mad horns, mad feet, and a mad tail.


“I want my apple!” 


“Calm down,” said Molly.


“No!” shouted Marvin, and he stamped on the flowers, he knocked over the chicken shed,


He frightened the ducks, and bit a cow’s tail.


Marvin didn’t know what he wanted any more.


He stamped his big mad feet and let out a big mad...  “BAAAAA!”


As Marvin stamped harder and harder, the ground began to rumble underneath him...


And suddenly... CRACK


The ground opened up and swallowed him whole.


Marvin fell deeper and deeper landed with a thud, all alone in the dark.


“BAAAA!” shouted Marvin, but no one could hear him.


He tried to break the wall, but that only hurt his head.


Marvin was all alone.


He closed his eyes and remembered the perfect day in the meadow.


I wish Molly was here, he thought.


Gradually Marvin felt less mad.


When Marvin opened his eyes, there was Molly!


“I’m sorry I was so angry,” said Marvin.


“That’s OK,” said Molly, “I came to find you. I thought you might be lost.”


“And look, I’ve found another big, juicy apple. It’s for you!”


“Thank you!” said Marvin. 

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