E32【纯英朗读】Right next to Andy

试听50E32【纯英朗读】Right next to Andy


E32 Right next to Andy

And at that moment, the rocket ignited, blasting Woody and Buzz down thestreet so fast that RC flew inches above the asphalt.

Woody struggled to hang on.

Soon the moving truck came back into sight.

The rocket was so strong that it began to lift Buzz, Woody, and RC offthe ground.

Woody managed to hang on—but not forlong.

He lost his grip, and the toys in the moving truck managed to scatterjust as RC hurtled into the back of the truck.

The rocket—along with Buzz and Woodyflew higher and higher into the sky.

Ahhh! Woody hollered. This is the part where we blow up!

Not today! Buzz shouted.

He pressed a button on his chest and his toy wings sprang open, cuttingthe electrical tape and separating him from the rocket.

As the rocket exploded just above them, Woody covered his eyes andprepared to fall.

But Buzz used his body like a glider, and suddenly he and Woody weresoaring.

“Buzz! You’re flying!” exclaimed Woody.

“This isn’t flying,” replied Buzz. “This is falling—with style!”

“Ha, ha!” Woody cheered. “To infinity… and beyond!”

With easy confidence, Buzz swooped under some power lines and driftedgracefully toward the moving truck.

But then he flew over it.

“Uh, Buzz? We missed the truck!” shouted Woody.

“We’re not aiming for the truck!” Buzz replied.

Buzz tilted a little to the left, spun them in a loop, then sailed downthrough the open sunroof of the Davises’ van.

Before anyone could notice, Buzz and Woody landed in an open box in the backseat—rightnext to Andy.

As Andy turned away from the window he had been looking out of, hediscovered Buzz and Woody lying in the box, their faces arranged in the exactsame smiles they’d worn the first day he had laid eyes on them.

“Hey!” Andy exclaimed. “Wow!”

“What is it?” his mom called from the front seat.

“Woody! Buzz!” Andy cried.

“Oh, great, you found them,” Mrs. Davis said. “Where were they?”

“Here!” Andy replied. “In the car!”

Mrs. Davis chuckled and shook her head. “See? What did I tell you? Rightwhere you left them.”

Andy hugged both toys. Tucked in his arms, Buzz and Woody exchangedknowing smiles.