E31 冲呀!火箭炮!


Woody hit the ground hard. A horn blared as a car swerved to avoidrunning over him.


Shaken, he tried to stand up just as Buzz and RC came barreling towardhim. They scooped him up and kept driving.

胡迪摇晃着站了起来。这时赛车 RC 载着巴斯驶了过来,他们把胡迪一把抓上车,继续向前追赶。

Thanks for the ride, Woodysaid, still holding the remote. Now lets catch up to that truck!


He flipped a switch on the remote from ON to TURBO. The toy car roared towardthe moving truck.


Lenny was watching the action out the back of the truck when he spottedWoody and Buzz chasing after them.


Guys! Woodys riding RC! AndBuzz is with him!


Bo Peep peered through Lenny’slenses. “It is Buzz!” she said. “Woody was telling the truth!”


“What have we done?” criedSlinky.

“我们都干了些什么 ?”弹簧狗大叫。

“Rocky!” Bo Peep ordered. “The ramp!” The wrestler ran toward a leverand pulled, releasing a loading ramp mounted on the back of the truck.


Hold on to my tail! Slinkywoofed.


Mr. Potato Head and Rex grabbed on to his tail, and Slinky jumped ontothe ramp and held out his paw to Woody.


As RC neared the moving truck, Woody handed the remote to Buzz andgrabbed Slinky’s paw.

赛车 RC 马上就要追上卡车了,胡迪把遥控器交给了巴斯,伸手抓住了弹簧狗的爪子。

That a boy, Slink! Mr. PotatoHead cheered. But suddenly, RC began to slow down and swerve.

“好样的,弹簧狗!”蛋头先生赞许道。但突然,赛车 RC却开始减速,并左右摇晃。

As the moving truck pulled ahead, Slinky’s middle stretched out and out.


“Woody!” shouted Slinky.


“Speed up!” Woody ordered Buzz.


“The batteries! They’re runningout!”


Slinky’s spring was stretched as far asit could go.


His paw slipped out of Woody’shand and he snapped back into the truck, scattering the toys like bowling pins.


RC coughed and choked, then sputtered to a stop.

赛车 RC“噗嗤”着熄了火,“噼噼啪啪”地停了下来。

Woody and Buzz watched helplessly as the moving truck drove on withoutthem. Buzz threw down the remote.


Great! Woody cried infrustration.


Buzz sighed, then jumped to his feet and grabbed the sheriff ’s sleeve.“Woody! The rocket!”


Woody stared at the rocket still taped to Buzz’s back. “The match!”

胡迪看了看巴斯身后绑着的火箭炮,叫道:“我有火柴!”Woody shouted.

Smiling, he pulled out the kitchenmatch Sid had stuck in his holster earlier. “Yes!Thank you, Sid!”


Woody rushed around to the rocket and struck the match. He was just aboutto light the fuse when a car whizzed over them.


A gust of wind blew out the flame. Woody fell to his knees and poundedthe street with his fists. “No, no,nooooooo!”


Unable to watch Woody’s despair, Buzzbowed his head.


Suddenly, the sunlight that was streaming through his helmet acted justlike Sid’s magnifying glass. A tinywhite-hot dot shone on the back of Woody’s hand.


Getting an idea, Woody jumped up, grabbed Buzz’s helmet, and aligned it so that the pinpoint ofconcentrated sunlight hit the tip of the rockets fuse.


“Hold still, Buzz,” he ordered.At last, the fuse lit.


“You did it!” Buzz cried. “Next stop—Andy!”


Woody jumped back onto RC. Suddenly, he stopped smiling.


“Wait a minute,” he said. “I just lit a rocket. Rockets explode!”



1. horn n. 汽车喇叭;动物号角

2. blare v. 发出响亮而刺耳的声音

siren 消防车、救护车、警车那种持续的鸣笛声

The ambulance went through red traffic lights with the siren blaring.


3. barrel v. 飞驰而来

4. woof v. 小狗汪汪叫

tweet 鸟叫

meow 猫叫

roar 老虎、狮子叫


1. Thanks for the ride. 谢谢你载我一程。

It's a ten-minute bus ride from here to town.


give somebody a ride 让某人搭车

get a ride 搭车

a roller coaster ride 一次过山车体验

2. flip a switch 按开关

flip on the light 把灯开开

flip off the light 把灯关掉

3. That a boy. 好样的。

4. run out 耗尽,耗竭

run out of energy 能量耗竭

run out of ideas 想不出办法了

run out of budget 超出预算

5. Great! 这倒好!

Great,I failed my math again.


6. strike the match 点燃火柴

7. You did it. 你做到了!