E30【纯英朗读】Fast and furious

试听83E30【纯英朗读】Fast and furious


E30 Fastand Furious

HOOOONK! Woody and Buzz turned around just in time to see the movingtruck driving toward them.

With a scream, they ducked. As soon as the truck passed, Buzz began tochase it. “Come on! he called to Woody.

Back at Sid’s house, Scud was lying on theporch, but he perked up at the sight of the two little action figures runningdown the street. He bared his teeth and growled.

Buzz ran closer to the truck, with Woody just a few steps behind him.

A strap dangled off the back of the truck. Buzz leaped… and caught it!

Grunting, he climbed onto the bumper. Then Woody lunged for the strap—and missed.

You can do it, Woody! Buzzcalled out.

Woody tried again. This time he caught hold of the strap. “I made it! He began to clamberup to the bumper, but suddenly he heard a furious barking.

Looking over his shoulder, Woody could see Scud racing after the truck—the dog was closing in fast!

Aaaaaaah! Woody yelled as Scuds jaws chomped on his leg. He kicked at the dog with his other foot.

Get away, you stupid dog! Down! Down! Scud continued to tug, pulling Woody down to the end of the strap.

Hold on, Woody! Buzz cried.

I cant do it! Woody gasped. Take care of Andy for me!

Noooooo! Bravely, Buzz leapedonto Scuds snout and pulled on the dogs eyelids.

Scud yelped and let go of Woody. Dog and spaceman were left behind as thetruck continued forward.

Thinking quickly, the cowboy scrambled up the strap and onto the truck’s bumper. He unlocked the back door.

 When the moving truck screeched toa halt at a red light, the door flew upward, with Woody dangling from thehandle.

Inside the truck, he spotted what he was looking for: several boxesscrawled with the words ANDY’S TOYS. Woodyjumped down and yanked one open.

Mr. Potato Head, Rex, and some of the other toys squinted in the suddenburst of sunlight.

“Are we there already?” Rex asked.

Woody! Slinky cried. Howd you—”

But Woody was busy rummaging through another box. “There you are!

He pulled out RC, along with the remote. Then he ran to the back of thevan and kicked the toy car down into the street.

Hes at it again! Rex wailed.

Woody turned on the remote and steered the car toward Buzz. Scud hadshaken the space ranger off, and now Buzz was trapped under a parked car.

When the toy car zoomed up, Buzz jumped on. Using the remote control,Woody then guided RC back toward the moving truck.

As the red light turned green and the truck started forward, RC and Buzzwere close behind. But so was Scud!

Meanwhile, the toys in the moving truck didn’t understand what was happening. All they saw was Woodythrowing RC out the back of the truck.

“Get him!” Mr. Potato Headshouted, leading a mob of angry toys out of the box.

Rocky the wrestler grabbed Woody and spun him overhead. Woody was stillholding the remote control, and the toy car began to spin, too, matching Woody’s movements.

Luckily, it was perfect timing—RCand Buzz spun away from Scud just as he was about to chomp down on them.

Rocky threw Woody to the floor, and the car resumed its straight coursetoward the truck.

Scud gave chase as Buzz and RC drove right into a busy intersection. Thetoys made it through, but a traffic jam trapped Scud among a jumble of cars.

In the truck, the mob of toys lifted Woody up.

“Toss him overboard!” Mr. PotatoHead shouted.

“No, wait!” Woody pleaded. “You don’t understand. Buzz is out there! We’ve gotta help him!”

But the toys didn’t believe him. “So long, Woody!” Mr. Potato Head sneered asthe toys threw Woody out the back of the truck.