School in the USA 美国的学校

School in the USA 美国的学校





Hello!Good evening! 晚上好!I’mso happy to see you. I’m 树华,and it’s almost time to say good night.


Butfirst, let’s have a chat.


BreatheLife, onXimalaya, asked me about schoolin the USA. How long do we stay in school every day? Do we have a lotof homework?


Whenyou were a kid, how long were you in school every day? I used toteach middle school in Guangzhou, and I remember that the studentswere at school all day. I thought they must be very

tired,but seeing them work so hard really did make me want to work harderto learn Chinese.


Comparingschools in China and the USA can be hard. Inthe USA, schools in different cities can be very different. Someschools are hard and have lots of homework, while other schools areeasy and don’t have much homework. Some schools have extra classes,and some schools don’t.



Ithink my middle school was pretty average. We had class from 8:00 to3:00 every day, with only 30 minutes for lunch. I was in the band,and I played tennis, too, so I would have practices until about7:00pm. Usually we had one or two hours of homework each day.


Igrew up in a small town. Life was pretty slow. I don’t know ifbig-city schools are different, and I certainly don’t know aboutschools in any other country. After all, there are almost 200countries in the world. How are all those students doing? Are theybusy? Are they tired? Are they happy? I have no idea.


Whatabout you? Do you like going to school?


Iwant to know, but now it’s time to say goodnight. So, goodnight!


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    new question : shuhua, do Americans like to watch 古装剧?I am curious because Americans and Europeans have their complex formations. Will this be a problem to decide the subject matter of the drama?

    来自美国的周树华 回复 @洋洋_kF6: Hm, I'm not really sure what you mean! But I guess, to us, Game of Thrones is like a 古装剧 hahahaha!

  • 洋洋_kF6

    Dear shuhua,I have one more question : Are there any activities of patriotism education in USA? Like in China, we will raise the national flag and sing the national anthem and take many classes about the history of China and the communist party and so on.

    来自美国的周树华 回复 @洋洋_kF6: Great question! I'll talk about it soon!

  • 洋洋_kF6

    I like going to school. I like learning new knowledge and enjoy the privileges only for children. There are too many beautiful memories for me. It seems no trouble and worry. If any, I forgot. It has been idealized by me.

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    Thank you

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