A Trip to New York 纽约市的一周游

A Trip to New York 纽约市的一周游





Hello! Good evening! 晚上好!I’m so happy to see you. I’m 树华, and it’s almost time to say goodnight.


But first, let’s have a chat.


Last week, I did not make a Good Night English. That’sbecause I was in New York! Some friends in our WeChat group, asked me about my NewYork trip. So, let me share it with you!


I went to New York for one week with my mom and brother. Mybrother lives close to New York, and my mom loves to travel, so now that we’reall vaccinated, we all met in the big city!


Now, don’t worry about the virus. New York is actually prettysafe now. Everyone was wearing masks, and most people there are vaccinatedalready. Some places in the US are still dangerous, but New York is doing verywell these days.


So, what did we do in New York? Well, when our familytravels, we like to do two things: walk, and eat! We walked through Central Park,we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, we walked through Chinatown and LittleItaly, and we walked along the river at night. We ate food from Europe andIndia and China and South America, and even had some bubble tea!


I think the trip was really good for my family. I was gladto see my brother again, and my mom really enjoyed getting out of our hometown.The trip really helped me think about my life, too. I’ve been in the same placefor a whole year, and sometimes you need to go somewhere new to look at yourown life with new eyes. Maybe I’ll talk about that some more next week.


What about you? What helps you think about your life?


I want to know, but now it’s time to say goodnight. So,goodnight!


  • 老姜_cj


    来自美国的周树华 回复 @老姜_cj: Great! I believe you can do it!

  • 途正英语Lily

    Great!I really glad to know it that New York is pretty safe now and you and your family numbers are in happy life.By the way,the WeChat group ,Could I go into it?

    来自美国的周树华 回复 @途正英语Lily: Sure! If you haven't added my WeChat yet, just add me: JoshShuhua

  • 洋洋_kF6

    My life is tranquil. Though sometimes boring I don't want to change it. And I admire your family's mode---it's very easy and warm.

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  • Annazuo

    Great!Sounds interesting! My first destination is New York if I visit USA. My life coach lives in New York, and I also have some like-minded friends there, so I hope I can travel after pandemic.