The Brand Interpreter (s02e13: Vladimir DJUROVIC, LABBRAND)

The Brand Interpreter (s02e13: Vladimir DJUROVIC, LABBRAND)


When you live overseas, in some ways you take a leap into a new identity. You need to figure out how to fit into a new culture, while remaining true to your authentic self. Well, it's exactly the same story when your brand goes overseas. And when introducing your brand overseas, it's important to get the name right.

Vladimir Djurovic is an expert in this field, since he and his team at LABBRAND create Chinese names for Western brands. And it's a fascinating process that requires a basket of skills including linguistics, branding, trademarks, consulting, and semiotics. If you want to know why the Chinese for Marvel is 漫威 [Mànwēi], and LinkedIn is 领英 [Lǐngyīng], tune in to hear from the man who helped name them!