Em so hello my name is Emma Waston, Iplayed bell in beauty and beasts. Its not my first time in china but my firsttime in shanghai. It is amazing to be here.


First I wanna talk a little bit about theconnection between bell and I. we both books and we both love reading, that wassuch a lovely connection to half of my character. Em a year and a half ago,because I loved book so much, I decided to start a feminist book club called our shared shelf, which Ifound its home on Goodreads which is a website. 


Why I love this so much when itis hosted is because there are lots of shreds of different conversation andtopics on each of the books. I love to read what people are saying and what’sso wonderful is that it is a real engagement and readership with people fromall over the world. And I love getting different cultures and perspectives onfeminism.


So the book I most wanted to talk about was My life on the road by GloriaSteinem.which was the first book that I chose for my book club. And the reasonI want to choose this as a first book is that Gloria for me as a person is suchan icon of feminist movement. She is a journalist, she is an activist, she’s acampaigner and I think she is just a wonderful entry point for anyone who areinterested in feminism. She is a radical feminist, and I just think that thevoices she’s taken on lots of different issues like child marriage, femaleJohnson and all sorts of different issue I just think she always has aninteresting perspective.

我想介绍的一本书也是我给我的读书俱乐部挑选的第一本书《我的生活在路上》(My life on the road)。这本书的作者是葛罗莉亚·斯坦能(Gloria Steinem),她也是我关于男女平等运动的一位启明者。她是一位记者,是一位社会进步的提倡者,她是一名运动发起者, 她是一个极端男女平等问题者。我发现在很多问题上,不管是儿童婚姻,男女平等问题, 还是各种各样不同的话题。她总能提供一个非常有趣的视角。

That why I read that book. She wrote a lotof books but this one she wrote a lot about her anecdotes form her journey. Asbeen an activist, and one of my favorite part about this book is that when sherecords all different conversations with taxi drivers because, believe itor not. Gloria doesn’t know how to drive and she decided not to learn how todrive because she loves the integrations she had with strangers. 


On the way toairports, on the way to pick up shopping, because you know,she sees this to give her different insights into the world and showing herother perspectives. And I love the often very funny anecdotes she has about herinteractions.


I also love her dedication that in thebeginning of her book she actually dedicates the book.to the doctor,the old man andabortion she decided to have when she was a young women. because she says thatwithout this abortion, she wouldn’t become the writer she is today, activistshe is today. I found it very moving and very brave.


Truly I love her boldness and her honesty thatshe uses to introduce that book. It is really remarkable. I love that she usedto talk a lot about her father in the book. She discusses that her relationshipwith him actually defining her understanding not just femininity butmasculinlity that actually male role models. Man interact with feminismempowerment is incredibly important. And I love that she does not leave him outof the picture or out of the conversation. So I think that is a lovely elementas well.


In terms of my life learning and inspirations as an actor. Gosh Ilove actors like Meryl Streep, CateBlanchett, Jane Fonda. Actually she has been an amazingmentor and role model for me recently. She was one of the three women with GloriaSteinem. And another woman called Robin Morgan who set up the first womenorganization or center. In America, I think her performance is very powerfultoo. So she is a good example to me of combining activism and acting.


As an UN Women Goodwill Ambassador I found Maya Angelou to beextremely inspiring and I love her poems and poetry. When having a day when youfeel overwhelmed of a struggle, the poems are like incredible resories andwells of strength.

作为一名联合国妇女亲善大使(UN Women Goodwil Ambassador),我发现玛雅·安吉罗非常具有启发性。我很喜欢她的诗歌。当你度过充满压力的一天,觉得有一些超负荷。她的诗歌就像是一个无法用语言表达的栖息地,里面有一口装满了能量的井。

And for the audience,it is very easy being a young female and a girl to be told a lotthat you are somehow lesser, less capable and whatever reasons. 


But what reallyfound helpful by me and what I found by playing bell is to know that. You areforced to be forced with reckoned with. And EleanorRoosevelt has an amazing quote I think here I wouldlike to recommend: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Ithink that especially important to remember as a young person, in general maleor female. To remember your power would be my piece of advice


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    She is such a simple and honest woman, with so much wisdom in her words!

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    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.这句话太棒了!!

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