Chapter 1-013

Chapter 1-013


That afternoon the principal tried cross-examining me, but I wouldn't cop to  anything. I just kept telling her that I was sorry and that I really didn't understand  what had happened. Finally, she let me go. Shelly cried for days and followed me  around school sniffling and making me feel like a real jerk, which was even worse  than having Juli as a shadow. Everything blew over at the one-week mark,though, when Shelly officially dumped me and started going out with KyleLarsen. Then  Juli started up with the goo-goo eyes again, and I was back to square one. Now, in  sixth grade things changed, though whether they improved is hard to say. I  don't remember Juli actually chasing me in the sixth grade. But I do remember her  sniffing me. Yes, my friend, I said sniffing. And you can blame that on our  teacher, Mr. Mertins.

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