Hangzhou was lucky enough to be one of the first group of cities open to the world. Because of Nixon and Mao Zedong signed the agreement, so they made Hangzhou open to the world.


 1972 when Mao Zedong and president Nixon decided to make China and USA agree to working together to be the bright future.


 Both leaders actually had a lot of (negotiations). One of the negotiations was done in Hangzhou and the document was made in Hangzhou and announced in shanghai.

This is a historically, very meaningful city, a great city that made the west and the east meet together, made the great leaders of the east and the west sit down together, discuss for the future.
I think this G20 meeting has high expectations from the world, especially at this moment of the world economy.
A lot of people don't like globalization. And I personally believe globalization is a great thing for the world.
The only thing is that how we can improve globalization to enable more small business, more young people to get involve it.
What if we can use a new mechanism, new technology can enable 1 billion, or 2 billion, or 3 billion people to do trade?
EWTP, Electronic World Trade Platform, we think EWTP should be sponsored and enforced by the business and supported by government.
So if we can build a platform that can enable small business and young people to do the free trade and open fair trade globally. This going to be very fundamental for the next 20 or 30 years' world economy and for this century.
And I think we're very proud to get involved for this G20 and B20, put our ideas. It is an idea and we'll continue to work to move forward by this great event.
People keep on asking why Alibaba is not in Beijing, why not in Shanghai, (but) in Hangzhou.
Not because it is the city that is my hometown, because the city has its entrepreneurs, it's so friendly to private sectors and people here are well-educated.
Beijing, at that time, the government there and people they like the SOE, the state-owned business, shanghai, they like multinational companies.
And our city, we like entrepreneurs, we like people from nothing, building and up. So I think we get great talents, we get good environment, we got the great culture that fighting for the future.
而我们所在的这个城市喜欢创业精神,尊重白手起家的人。我们有优秀的人才,良好的环境, 更有为未来拼搏的伟大文化。
We are pretty small city only have close to 9 million people, but Hangzhou is so powerful, so influential to China economy, to China culture.
Because in Song dynasty, 1000 years ago, we were the capital of China. And at that time, we were the most splendid and prosperity city in China.
Hangzhou today has become the driving force of China new economy, because of e-commerce, because Alibaba we are now more that 70% of the e-commerce in China. We created more than 3 trillion RMB which close to 500 billion USD GMV, that really pumped up the China domestic demanding.
And because of the e-commerce development and internet development, so there are a lot of young people who are interested in e-commerce, interested in internet business. They all come to the city.
The city becomes the center of inspiration, the center of innovation, and the center of the new economy entrepreneurs.
 Because of G20 and B20, I want Hangzhou to be a city more friendly to the world.
People coming here, bring new ideas and benefit from this culture and understand China better.
I feel so proud of, and this city that no matter whatever in the world I go, I always miss it. And every 10 or 15 days, I want to be back.
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