3.The strange egg(赖老师精心解读)

试听903.The strange egg(赖老师精心解读)


One egg hasn't hatched yet. It is bigger than the others. An old duck visits the mother duck. "Are you still sitting on that egg?" she asks. "It is very big. Maybe it's a turkey's egg. You don't need to take care of it." "I've sat on it for many days," says the mother duck. "I will sit on it a few more."The strange egg finally hatches. The duckling jumps free from his shell. He has a gray coat, not yellow. His neck is long and his nose is black. "What an ugly little duckling," thinks the mother duck. "Maybe
he really is a turkey."The mother duck walks to the pond. The ducklings follow her. She jumps into the water. The ducklings quickly jump in, too. They can all swim well."The ugly duckling can swim very well," thinks the mother duck. "