Life is short

Life is short


I need you to know that life is short. It’s easy to neglect this statement, as it’s overused. But know the truth in it. Even a fully lived life flashes by so fast, but the truth is none of us are guaranteed time on this earth. 


The fact is, our lives could end at any moment. This is not something to fear though… It is something you must embrace. Because knowing that life could end at any moment is all you need to start LIVING FULLY. Now, and every moment in the future. It’s ALL you need to know, to NEVER hesitate in going after the things you want most in life. 


Never hold back in doing that which you want to do, that which you love, that which sets your soul on fire. Never hold back in telling those you love exactly how you feel. 


Never have regrets. Mistakes are fine, we need them to learn from. Failures are fine, we learn and grow from them. Regrets are the worst of emotions. If your heart is pulling you somewhere, GO THERE and GO FULLY. 


Do your best in every moment. Because giving your best in this moment will lead to your best outcome in the next moment. Complete nothing half hearted. If you are taking part, you are taking part with all your soul. 





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