I’m Chenshu


CecilieBahnsen,Welcome to our studio in Copenhagen.

我是Cecilie Bahnsen,欢迎来到我们的工作室。

It’sthe spring-summer 2019 collection, It’s the summer collection with the sign on allfabric . We make the embroideries like flowers in this studio, all done byhand. Very pretty.


Likethis dress , sewing these petals by hand ,how long would it take?

Maybelike a little bit more than a week. We havespent around three months on a collection,from drawing, making fabricand filling the collection.


Thisis a very simple top ,that you may be put on top of a T-Shirt or somethingBut it has complexity sew, so it’s simple with complex. This is oneof my favorite things, developing the embroidery for the collectionAnd I love drawing and I will draw onto thepattern piece, the flowers. I think once the ideas there is kind of easy, youcan do it in a day or twoBut sometimes finding theright idea can take time.


It is very time consuming,Like this beautiful dress behindI can see there are two lovely ladies doing the embroideringHow long would it take if they work together to finish


Ittakes a very long time to do one, so we maybe spend three weeks for doing that,But for production, we’ll order it as meter, so it won’t be a long time to domore than one, because we’ll never finish. For this collection we work with thisbeading, developed like a chain, and in Danmark, you do with your best friend ,you do friendship bracelet, so inspiration was friendship, and how to make thiskind of beading friendship bracelet on cloth


So I’m taking you to Appolo Bar, because it’s one of my favoritecoffees in Copenhagen, this is also one of the places where we meetwith a lot of friends, everybody meets both for business, but also forpleasure.

所以我带你来Appolo Bar,因为这是我在哥本哈根最喜欢的咖啡馆,也是许多朋友聚会的地方,有的时候是谈工作,有时纯粹是为了放松.

SoI live very close to where I work, and that’s very close to the sea, so insummer I would start with a morning swim, and then go to the office, and I workthere from 9 to 6 o’clock.


Afterwork I like to spend time with friends, I like to go to galleries, visitingexhibitions, getting inspiration, I also very much enjoy the nature my familyalso live very close to me, so spending time with them in weekends, that feelsvery personal and Hygge


Ithink being a very young designer , is definitely something you need to learn, totake a break and to enjoy what you have done, and enjoy other things, that’swhy I moved to Copenhagen, to have both work and nature.


café Flcuri 餐厅主理人】:

It’sall small things, if you like the nature, take something from the tree, whenyou are walking, sweet candle nice music, it’s Danish thing, we call it Hygge, Mywork is as a decorator, for many years I always collect things, for seasons,Christmas, everything you know, so you always have a box with things that youcould use, if you like something, you buy it and keep it.


café Flcuri 餐厅主理人】:

Welive upstairs, yes, in the same house.My husband is in this job, also,and thesmall kids they’re unpacking small goodssay hello to customerswhen they’re from school.


it’smore or less the same everyday. We’re mixed like that,sometimesit’s my husband who’s going up with the kidsmore orless I’ll stay here.


Yes,it’s hard work, of course, very much. But I like my job very much, and thecustomers are so happy for the place,so it’s very natural and easyfor me to make it everyday, because we like the things we do.